Thursday, August 28, 2008

Video: Rage Against The Machine - "Bombtrack" and "Guerilla Radio" (Live at the Democratic National Convention Protest Concert)

(Rage Against The Machine - "Guerilla Radio" - Live in Denver)

(Rage Against The Machine - "Bombtrack" - Live in Denver)

I had just finished listening to NPR's coverage (because, while CNN and Fox News are good for a larf, you have to be serious every now and again), when I was inadvertently reminded that, yes, Rage Against The Machine would rage against the Democratic National Convention in the Mile High City. And, since this is the internet, video of that performance has turned up on YouTube. God bless, ye merry internet. If you can stand a little bit of buzz coming into your stereo speakers, then I'd undoubtedly recommend watching "Guerilla Radio", as it contains the band's military-style entrance and salute to the audience. Who, of course, eat it up. Next up for the band will be raging against the machine-in-chief in St. Paul. After all, Rage is nothing if not fair and balanced.

Watch performances of "Guerilla Radio" and "Bombtrack" at the top of the post.

See more Rage in Denver clips here.

(Jonathan Graef)

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