Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Helicoptors Appear in the "New York Post," Announce CD Re-Release Show

Download: Helicopters - "Emergency"

Eclectic electro-pop trio Helicopters have been flying all over the place lately, including papers known for publishing editorial cartoons of questionable taste. The band appeared in the New York Post's "Popwrap" music column. Here's a taste of what the Post wrote:

Helicopters mesh pop, hip hop, folk, electronica and rock in a way that may become its own genre. Each song on their junior EP is a journey into a different unique sound. And when you're a band consisting of three members (hehe, members) forming a cohesive idea can be the pits.

Well, aside from Sizing Up The Distance being an full-length LP (no?), and the completely superfluous dick joke--then again, are there any other kind?--I would say that the Post write-up was flattering praise indeed. Well done, lads.

Of course, the band wouldn't be written about in any paper, dick jokes or not, were it not for the fact the Helicopters is digitally re-releasing last year's Sizing Up The Distance. To celebrate this occasion, the band announced via their Twitter page that their CD Re-release show will take place on May 5th at the Double Door.

That is, unless the DD hasn't been driven out of business yet by the Chicago's Promoters Ordinance.

Helicopters MySpace Page

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