Monday, February 23, 2009

Wednesday: Tim Fite @ Schuba's


Opening for the eclectic hip-hop appropriating songwriter are a couple of acts with a high dose of quirk themselves. First is songwriter Benjy Ferree, who, like Fite, manages a style which is an amalgam of many different styles. Expect to hear small dollops of blues, metal, glam, and any other theatrical rock touchstone that Ferree can get his hands on. Additionally, go early for Eyesearsnose. Like fellow local odd-poppers Bird Names, the band gets tons of mileage out of taking the template laid down by the Beach Boys, and putting it through the fever dream blender of psychedelia.

Check out all of the band's MySpace pages:

Tim Fite MySpace Page
Benjy Ferree MySpace Page
Eyeearsnose MySpace Page

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