Tuesday, February 24, 2009

WBEZ Interviews Flameshovel head James Kenler

One of the most underreported aspects of the demise of Touch and Go's distribution center is how that change of direction will affect local label Flameshovel Records, which has signed the likes of The Narrator, Mannequin Men, and Bound Stems. Thankfully, local NPR outlet WBEZ has got this angle covered. Go here to listen to WBEZ's interview with the Flameshovel head James Kenler. In it, he talks about how exactly the Touch and Go closing affects him directly. A reader comment put it thusly:

Losing a partner in Touch & Go is a horrible blow to labels like Flameshovel. Knowing James, the creative being that he is, he’ll find a way to trudge through these times until he can again find his footing. It’s rare to see a label that actually cares about the artist anymore. It’s rare to see a label that works their hardest to finance a record that they believe in on merit alone and not bottom-line results.

Additionally, check out the Reader's post on the matter here.

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