Friday, February 13, 2009

Tonight: Coupleskate CD Release Party @ Empty Bottle

Download: Coupleskate - "Laws of Physics"

I just did a write-up of Don't Fear The Horses for Chicago Decider. Spoiler alert: it's really good. Imagine a countrypolitian version of The Breeders, and you get a good idea of what this band is capable of. You won't get a sense of that from watching/listening to "Laws of Physics," which is one of the more punk-flavored songs on the record, but those swelling, romantic strings that pop up are definitely a sonic foreshadow. The best song on Horses is "Foreign Exchange," which is delightfully poppy in a Stereolab kind of way--lounge-y, for sure, but without the outre French influences. Great stuff all the same.

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