Thursday, February 19, 2009

New Twilight Revival - "If Only"

Download: Twilight Revival - "If Only"
Download: Twilight Revival - "Dark as Sin"

In listening to Revival, the new album from Chicago-based indie-Americana act Twilight Revival, music fans can be struck by the combination of two stylings from very regions. Namely, lo-fi indie-rock from the North, and good, ole-fash'un Southern rock from...let's say, around Louisiana, or thereabouts. The first few tracks of the band's latest, Parlor, delivers solid, mid-tempo rock that combines both of these delightful, if seemingly incongruous, sounds. When the band slows down, they can lapse into cliche--exactly how many songs about sad, wonderful girls who are drowning their sorrows do we need ("Taquito")?--but moments such as these are brief. Mostly, the band is at its best when it delivers Mason-Dixon melodicism in a low fidelity package. "If Only" is Pavement's "Summer Babe," as written by My Morning Jacket. Check it out at the top of the post.

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