Friday, February 20, 2009

New (Old) Red Red Meat - "Gauze"

Download: Red Red Meat - "Gauze"

For those of you who don't know, Red Red Meat were a blues-influenced (with just the right dash of shoegaze) group from these here parts. They released five records in their time together, including three with the famous Sub Pop label, who you may know for, say, putting a little record called Bleach. After the band broke up in 1999, some members of it went on to form Califone, while others took their place behind the board, producing bands like Modest Mouse and Walking Bicycles.

But it seems as if someone wants to look back (hopefully not in anger). One of those three Red Red Meat records, Bunny Gets Paid, will be re-released by Sub Pop in March, in a deluxe re-issue that includes a remastering job by Brian Deck, a 7-song 2nd disc of alternate, demo and single versions of album tracks, along with the usual b-sides and covers. That drops on March 24th. You can get yourself into a nostalgic mood by listening to slow, contemplative "Gauze" at the top of the post.

Additionally, peep the footage of the band performing "Braindead" live at the Bottle, along with some Chicago luminaries speaking well of the band.

Red Red Meat Re-issue info

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