Monday, February 9, 2009

New Music: Mazes - "I Have Laid in the Darkness"

Download: Mazes - "I Have Laid In the Darkness"

In many interviews, Edward Andersonof the 1900s stated that he had a solo record in mind. Except that by the time that he got around to recording the album, the project had turned into a full-scale offshoot. Along with 1900s band member Caroline Donavon and comrade Charles D’Autremont, the solo outfit turned into a trio, while keeping the original name for the project: Mazes. Those looking for something radically different than the Hundo's blend of twee-and-orch-pop may be disappointed, but those eager to hear a group of musicians continue their sweet winning streak can look no further.

"I Have Laid in the Darkness" pretty much keeps the qualities of past 1900s efforts--beautiful harmonization, easy-going vocals, and an incredibly strong sense of melody--and filters it into a prism of post-Nico Velvet Underground. Check it out at the top of the post. Mazes' debut album will be released in March.

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