Friday, February 27, 2009

Ald. Gene Schulter denies imminent committee vote on Chicago Promoter's Ordinance

I got an email earlier today stating that the Chicago's Promoter Ordinance, which was tabled last May after an outcry from opponents who said that its passing would result in certain disaster for Chicago's music scene, was going to be pushed "for a second attempt...through legislation" by the Chicago City Council.

That email, on the behalf of the 4themusic organization, was based upon initial reports from the Sun-Times.

However, Jim DeRogatis, who broke the news initially, is now reporting that that Ald. Gene Schulter, who was allegedly behind the second push, is denying that the measure is moving forward.

Robert Rawls, communications director for license committee chairman, told DeRog via email that "The Promoters Ordinance is not on the agenda for the March 11th meeting of the Committee on License and Consumer Protection. At this point, [Alderman Schulter]...does not know when this issue will be brought before the committee for a public hearing."

We'll have to wait and see about that public hearing business, as the city likes to pass legislation behind closed doors--a practice utterly anti-democratic (small d or otherwise).

To read the email in full, and catch up on your Ordinance backstory, go here and here, respectively.

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