Thursday, January 22, 2009

Looptopia To Be Split Into Five Separate, But Equally Annoying Parties

After two attempts to mirror the success of all-night bacchanalias in Paris, the dusk-to-dawn celebration in the Loop known as Looptopia is will reportedly be no more, at least in its current incarnation. The Chicago Sun-Times broke the news that the fest will be broken up into five different parties, with each one taking place on the third Thursday of every month, starting from May and ending in September.

So hey, you now have five different chances to happen upon your favorite, unexpectedly closed Loop attraction.

Ty Tabing, executive director of the Chicago Loop Alliance, who announced the ""Third Thursdays: Best of Looptopia" program, told the Sun-Times that "each event will look different. We're creating fresh programming that captures the essence of the Loop as an emerging, creative destination."

Yeah, good luck with that. That said, will we ever forget Mucca Pazza's 2007 set? Probably not.

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