Friday, January 9, 2009

Aleks And The Drummer Cover Blondie for Buffetlibre

Download: Aleks and the Drummer - "Fade Away and Radiate"

One of our favorite nouveau-wave groups, Aleks and the Drummer was one of a handful of groups chosen to cover several new-wave and 80s classics from the likes of Michael Jackson, The Rock Steady Crew, and, relevant to us, Blondie. The duo did a rendition of Blondie's "Fade Away and Radiate." About the song, the group said this:

Why have you chosen this journey back in time in particular?
Probably more of a tribute. I do realize that Blondie is a band, but I love Debbie Harry, and if I were in a room with her, I probably would have to consciously try not to stare. I hate to be immediately superficial, but she's the most beautiful woman ever.

Listen to the song at the top of the post.

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