Thursday, November 6, 2008

Titus Andronicous and No Age Announce Free Live Show in Chicago

Download: No Age - "Eraser"
Download: No Age - "Teen Creeps"

I'm going to let the Reader do all of the talking:

The new online music store ShockHound is sponsoring a show with both bands on the 18th at Reggie's Rock Club. For free. You do need tickets, though, and they're available through the ShockHound site (which also has a lot of sweet band T-shirts that aren't free).

This is a great opportunity to see two of the most buzzed-about indie bands in 2008 for the price of not-a-damn-thing. Both groups are overrated, with Titus oweing their entire career to side one of The Clash's self-titled debut, but at least the New Jersey based rockers put one an appropriately raucous and infectious live show given that context. No Age I only got a brief glimpse of at the P4K fest, but on record, the highlights (the two singles) are muddled down by not-very-interesting soundscapes.

That said, free is free. So the price is certainly right.

(Jon Graef)

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