Thursday, November 6, 2008

New Common - "Changes" (Plus Brother Ali's Obama Track)

Download: Common - "Changes"
Download: Brother Ali - "Mr. President, You're The Man"

We're still celebrating over Barack Obama's historic victory on Tuesday night, and the celebrations happen to included tributes from various musicians. First off is Brother Ali's new track, a Marvin Gaye-sampling ode to the new President in which the Minneapolis rapper can barely contain his enthusiasm, but is also cautiously optimistic about the future (we have a lot to work to do, after all). Next is Chicago's own Common, whose new record Universal Mind Control will be released in December. His track "Changes" was written before the election, but was leaked yesterday. Seems more than apt. The track has a little more modern touches, in terms of the laid-back hip-hop beat, and Common's equally lax flow. But there's a definite line between Gaye's early 70s work and this new track. Listen to both songs at the top of the post.

(Jon Graef)

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