Thursday, November 20, 2008

Alla In The Studio Recording New EP

Alla, the wonderful, Mexican non-union equivalent to Stereolab, have been in the studio recording a new EP which will consist primarily of covers, in addition to some new material. The psych-pop trio is laying down the tracks over at Semaphore studios. According to the band MySpace blog, they recorded a "mind-blowing" version of Terry Riley and John Cale's classic "Church of Anthrax", describing it as "almost 10 minutes of epic madness." Other newly recorded songs include a new track called "Si Se Puede", and a cover of The Residents' "New Hymn". As of Sunday, the band had laid that one down, along with remixing "Si Se Puede" and tantilizing us with the promise of a "contemporary cover" which will remain a surprise.

To read more details, go here. Pick Es Tiempo, one of the year's best, at your local record store.

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