Friday, October 24, 2008

Pitchfork Calls New Sea and Cake Record Its Best in 10 Years

I just interviewed Sam Prekop for the cover story of next month's Chicago Innerview. He no doubt would be quite excited that Pitchfork has called their latest release, Car Alarm, their best record in over a decade:

The problem with Oui and One Bedroom is hard to define since "coasting" isn't really a pejorative with this band; their M.O. is such that you want them to coast a little, to float along unencumbered by friction. Still, last year's Everybody showed what was missing from those records, serving as a reminder that melodic invention, a bit more drive, and quirky hooks had central roles on the best Sea and Cake albums. And all those qualities are present on Car Alarm to an even greater degree, making this their best album in over a decade.

Car Alarm is pretty great, but I'd hardly characterize Oui as lacking drive or quirky hooks. Read the rest of the review here.

(Sea and Cake - "Weekend")

Lucky you, you can stream the entire record at the band's MySpace Page

(Jonathan Graef)

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