Monday, October 27, 2008

New Kanye West - "Coldest Winter" and "Robocop"

(Kanye West - "Coldest Winter")

Download: Kanye West - "Coldest Winter"

(Kanye West - "Robocop")

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More and more material is being leaked from Kanye West's upcoming fourth record, 808s and Heartbreak (the supposed cover album for which can be found at the bottom of the post. H/T ) Over the weekend, two new songs appeared. First off is "Coldest Winter", which is driven by a Tears for Fears sample and is reportedly about the passing of Kanye's mother. That track continues the "expressing-emotion-wounds-through-autotune" vibe of "Love Lockdown", in addition to being a more straightforward modern R&B track.

"Lockdown"'s lyrics concerned West playing the obsessed aggressor in a unhealthy relationship, and its interesting to note that the lyrics from the second leaked track "Robocop" are from the opposite perspective. In other words, it's Kanye on the receiving end of a too jealous lover. Kanye poses the question "who knew that she was a drama queen/that'd turn my life into Stephen King?" before asking "when did you become a Robocop"? The vocals in this track are more spoken, but that doesn't necessarily make it rap. It's definitely a synth-driven song with a poppy chorus.

Listen to both songs at the top of the post.

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