Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New Star - "Turning It On"

Download: Star - "Turning It On"

Star are a dreampop trio based in Chicago. Last year, the released a debut album titled Devastator, and it contained several solid examples of reverb-heavy, fuzzed-out guitars with a lush, but conversational female vocal on top. While the guitar and the vocals suggest romanticism at its highest, the lyrics often came with a good dose of Liz Phair-style lacerating wit. Songs like "Pure Gold Reason" and "Jailor" railed scathingly against pretentious hipsters and arrogant exes, but it all went down smoothly due to the ethereal production. "Turning It On", from the band's upcoming sophomore effort, Violence Against Star, is as straightforward of a romantic pop ballad as they can deliver. The angst might be gone, but the fuzz remains. So who are we to complain? (Note: I am Don King.)

Listen to "Turning It On" at the top of the post. Hear another new song at the band's MySpace Page.

(Jonathan Graef)

Star MySpace Page

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