Friday, September 26, 2008

New Music Playlist: The Gentle Guest, Lambchop, Shawn Hewitt, Kid Sister, Jeremy Messersmith, and more!

(Kid Sister)

Download: The Gentle Guest - "Down At The Still"
Download: Shawn Hewitt - "Keep Them At Bay"
Download: La Rocca - "Sing Her Song"
Download: Jeremy Messersmith - "Skyway" (Speaking of The Replacements)
Download: Kid Sister - "Family Reunion"
Download: Vince P - "Walking Down The Block"
Download: Lambchop - "National Talk Like a Pirated Day"
Download: White/Light - "Monadnock"

I've decided to compile a collection of new MP3s that have come my way in the last couple of days. Here now is a brief rundown of the artists: The Gentile Guest, a raucous, whiskey-soaked throwback Americana group from Eau Claire, Wis; Canadian electro-soulster Shawn Hewitt, with the first track off of his upcoming Spare Hearts disc; Vanilla Irish indie-folk-pop group La Rocca, whose music has been featured on One Tree Hill; Chicago hip-hop artist and Kanye West collaborator Kid Sister; Eccentric electro-hip-hop artist Vince P; Minneapolis singer-songwriter Jeremy Messersmith covering The Replacements on The Current; Lambchop's first single from their upcoming album; and finally, Chicago dronemeisters White/Light.

Listen to all the songs at the top of the post.

(Jonathan Graef)

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