Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Strange New Lovers Post New Songs For A Limited Time Only

Hot off the heels of their break-up and last show ever, Chicago's romp-stomp indie-rock quartet Strange Young Lovers have posted two of their last recordings: "She's Not Right" and "Shake". The band explained in a MySpace bulletin post that their last action as a band is to "up the rest of the songs we recorded at the beginning of the year. The songs 'This Is The Way' and 'We Don't Need No' will come down to make room for them, so hurry and download them while you can."

Duly noted. "She's Not Right" is an acoustic number that's not unlike folk music circa the 1960s, albeit with a little more of post-punk miserabilism. The narrative itself, however, dates back to blues ("woman-gone-done-me-wrong"!). Wonder if we'll hear her side of the story?

In contrast, "Shake" is a more rambunctious, punk-influenced song that sounds not unlike the MC5, but with the verses breathing a little more with chiming guitar chords and riff revolving around a half-step interval.

Listen to both songs at the group's MySpace Page.

(Jonathan Graef)

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