Monday, August 18, 2008

New Catfish Haven - "Set in Stone"

Download: Catfish Haven - "Set in Stone"

Beginning with a rapid series of funky seventh chords not unlike the Mighty Purple One's "Kiss" (also: dig that cover album), the new song from punk-soul trio Catfish Haven's first single from their upcoming Devastator album, (set for release this fall), "Set in Stone" finds the group more upbeat and confident than last time we heard them on 2006's Tell Me. Which makes sense, of course, seeing as Tell Me was inspired by a nasty break-up. Even the uptempo numbers, like "Crazy For Leaving", had great pangs of regret. "Set in Stone" sounds a little bit more like a band wanting to get on with their lives and, perhaps more importantly, get on the dance floor. The beat clips along at a steady, disco-influenced pace, but Catfish avoid any "Celebration"-style dance-floor schmatz. Well, for the most part. The sax line is a bit much, but there's a carefree atmosphere here that's irresistible, and the backup vocals are appropriately soulful. Also, lots of funk. Lots and lots of funk. Can't go wrong with that, and it's also nice to see formerly sad sacks get their groove back.

Devastator is out October 7th.

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(Jonathan Graef)

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